I was born in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. While growing up, I was always the person asking ‘why?’ Naturally, I found myself gravitating towards the sciences. This drives me to learn more about how things work. Having background in science and through life experiences, I found my interests reside on medicine and medical research.

I am very passionate and ambitious towards my dreams and goals main one being a gynecologist. I am still perusing my third year of medical sciences at the Hubert Kairuki Memorial University in Tanzania. I have excellent communication skills, enabling me to effectively communicate with a wide range of people.

My ambition of being a gynecologist was driven by the opportunity of experiencing visually and through studies the huge problem of reproductive health with women throughout our communities and a vast gap of service personnel to address the problem. My dream is to one day fill this gap and having to see women confident about their reproductive health.

I believe there is immense privilege in taking my knowledge and ability, and using it to help others. Becoming the gynecology specialist would allow me to fulfill my passion particularly in the area where women are vulnerable to. In the future, I am aspiring to take my work internationally to benefit underprivileged women populations.


Currently as 3rd year MD student I have already read a lot of books to broaden my knowledge in the field. I also never hesitate talking to the experienced Medical Doctors regarding the profession whenever I got an opportunity. I normally do self-assessment and mark myself as the best candidate for the profession that I am making. I am dedicated to both learning and extra curricula activities the fruit of which I have been achieving high grades in my studies.


I wish to express my sincere appreciation to my parents for their support; they are the reason for what I become today. My gratitude also goes to my sisters, brothers and friends for their encouragement, inspirations and care. This also goes to PRO WATSCHINGER AND DR. HERBERT WATSCHINGER, I am grateful for supporting my studies through your sponsorship.